Sunday, September 18, 2016

A year in the new garden extension

When the email I was waiting for finally arrived...'Welcome - you are the first to have a box in the new area of the garden' I was so excited.  

Friends donated compost and the soil loved it.  Within a few months all the seeds in the compost were sprouting and as a novice garden, I had no idea if they were cucumbers, zucchini's or pumpkin.  They turned out to be pumpkin!
My first plantings August 2015

What a bounty

Soon more boxes were taken up. The transformation has been nothing short of amazing. 



Raspberries, strawberries  and blueberries - roll on summer
The new orchard
Blue drums arrived..........................
And Beans, beans and more beans grew

An excess of carrots transplanted into a barren garden bed flourished. Now the nectarine tree has blossomed. 
Spring has arrived ........

North towards the pond
South facing

And a new challenge for me this spring.....
Before.......................................................and after

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Green Centre, Extension Update and Mural

It's been ages since our last post, and things with the new extension have moved on at a rapid rate, with our new vege boxes we now have 26 members! The mural is nearly complete, and Sally has acquired bright blue drums as planters that match it perfectly. More photos of the new extension to come, but once again thank-you to the fabulous people at The Green Centre for another donation of vege potting soil for our new garden beds.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Open Day

We were super lucky with the weather on Sunday and had a lovely sunny afternoon sharing cake and talking to our visitors. Numbers were pretty good considering we were competing with numerous school fetes and the Salami Festival up the road! Thanks also to Nick for providing music for us to eat our cake to!
There were a few of us involved in setting up in the morning but credit must go to Ros and Marijka who did a great job both setting up and cleaning up at the end of the day, and Ros was official photographer too.
Marijka's display of photographs from the very beginnings of the gardens 20 years ago to the present provided a great topic of conversation, as did our plans for the future in the new extension.
There was much discussion about what we'll do at the next Open Day- bigger and better- at a time yet to be decided, but it was a very pleasant and successful first effort, and opening of our new extension.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

OPEN DAY and Spring

It was a perfect Spring day today and our gardens looked incredibly lush and vibrant. The bees were awfully busy too, and were particularly interested in the lavender and borage flowers. While I was there today a little boy came racing along the path beside the gardens and skidded to a halt under the mulberry tree, looking up expectantly. Then he turned to his Mother (following behind) and said with great disappointment , "They're not ripe yet." So clearly we're not the only ones excited by all that potential fruit!
We do need to do a bit of preparation for our OPEN DAY on the 18th October, especially the new extension but it's all looking good. Check out the photos below, including the valiant Trudie's great efforts as the very first planter box in the new extension to actually be planted out!