Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bees and bees

Well despite being a hideous day for it (forecasted to get to 43), Alistair, Christine, Ben and I went to the gardens this morning while it was still and relatively cool to tackle the bee hive for the first time. Our bees have been so industrious that they had used up all the bars that were in there from when we got them from Martin, and they needed the false back moved and more bars put in. Also the hive was on a bit of a lean and needed straightening up so that the combs will be nice and straight.

It was with more than a little trepidation that we approached the hive kitted out in our new hats and some painting overalls and gloves, and when we first took the roof off- the bees did take quite an interest in us, but after a few calming breaths and some explanations to them about what we were doing they settled down quite nicely. Then they very politely let us fiddle around in their hive adding bars and spacers.

So now they have quite a bit more room to expand and a nice level hive- so lets hope they don't suddenly decide to pick up and leave after our interference... we really are just winging it right now!

In other bee news there is a huge wild hive built in a tree down Hartington St towards Westgarth on the railway side. Hopefully the hot windy weather won't cause them any trouble.
With our bees and this hive our gardens should have plenty of pollinators around.
Posted by Rebecca.