Monday, January 21, 2008

Latest blackboard news...

Hope to see you all there! How delightful was that rain?

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3000 Mile Garden

Here is the latest book our librarian Diana has added to the gardens' collection: "The 3000 Mile Garden : A Magical Correspondence Between Two Passionate Gardeners" by Roger Phillips and Leslie Land.

Two garden lovers meet at a mushroom forage in New Hampshire and start exchanging letters. Each has separate itineraries and separate interests in gardening.Roger is a nature photographer and responsible for the Eccleston Square garden - a 3 acre park in London. Leslie is a food and house magazine editor and tends rambling, borrowed acreage in Maine.Through the art of letter writing they learn of each others lives and gardens.This book is a lovely read and includes illustrations and photos of both gardens and some related recipes. The 3000 Mile Garden book inspired a TV series which screened on the ABC some years ago.

This book is available to borrow from the Gardens now.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Quarterly Meeting and new members

Happy New Year! People are starting to return to the gardens after holidays etc. and last Sunday we had several new members and prospective members, (as well as some old members) working hard to weed out the front area around the seat and mulberry tree. We were quite pleased with how much we were able to get done considering the heat. We were also delighted to have a visit from Louise and Ruby on Sunday, two of our very favourite people.
It's lovely to have all our plots taken now, and we're even trying to figure out space for new ones because demand is so high.

Benedict and Troy have generously donated the ex-fish oil tank behind the shed to be used as a water tank, and they we will need some volunteers to help install that soon, and connect it to the down pipes. Also a reminder that we plan to apply for a grant in March for a big water tank (or 2?) so anyone keen to help with that please come to the Quarterly meeting.

We have set Sunday 3rd February at 12.30 pm for our next Quarterly Meeting, so please attend if you can, because we need a decent turn-out to vote in Office bearers etc. And it'll also be a good opportunity to greet new members. Please bring something to share for lunch.

I hope you are all managing to survive this hideous heat, and let's hope we get some of that amazing rain they're all getting up North!