Thursday, December 9, 2010

In Memory of Chris Kirkopoulos .

Chris having his lunch at NCG.
He was an original. Loved his tomatoes, onions and garlic. Was a member of NCG for 11 years.
Chris died 15th of September 2010.
He will be remembered.
"How are you Chris?" "Number One".




 The cake made by Charlie....and enjoyed by everybody else..
Ros, Edain and Shelley looking at a photo album of Chris's stay at the gardens.

Peter, Heather and Rebecca.

Ros having a giggle and Rebecca and Heather sitting on our newly constructed raised bed.. Still looking for someone to take possession of it.
Charlie with the beautiful hat, Marc, Ros and Edain..
Ros and heather taking a photo opportunity and breather.

Gardeners working on dismantling Chris's plot.and Ros's Pineapple thingy peeking in....

Sophia Loren er no Edain with beetroot with purple coloured leaves..

Chris's giraffe now happily browsing among Heather's spring onions..

Chris's Toucan now to be looked after by Rebecca.
Path leading to Northcote Community Gardens with the grasses not seen like this for a number of years now... The rains have come....

Heather and Jess a picture in themselves..

Ros and Heather
Chrysocephalum apiculatum

Photography by marijka.
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Friday, November 12, 2010


Well I know what my job is... Grow and be beautiful...All the other members have to finish the raised bed... Rocks on the bottom layer, cardboard and hessian layer, then a weed matting then the soil .. so that the roots from the neighboring She Oaks do not come through like they like to do and this is the reason for the Raised Bed...

The pile. One and 3 quarters of scoria rocks, two and a quarter of 'veggie mix' be wheel barrowed down to the bottom of the garden and put into our raised bed...

and here we go.. shovel shovel shovel....Pauline, Ian, Ros, Christine and Justin.

Backbreaking work..but it's gotta be done..

but at this end it's definitely a FUN working bee...all we have to do is load all that earth and rock in.. easy...

I need to get right into it.. says Vince..

Stretch it this way.. Stretch it that way..a weed mat looks like a weed mat.

The word is "working Bee" this one looks like a "Fun Bee"...

Christine, Chris who a minute before was doing somesort of boogie woogie entertaining young Eddie and his mum Edain.

Watch those fingers boys...

A good vantage point.

A well known hat... beautifully worn by Justin..

WELL a job well done..

Had to do it twice so i could feature as well.

and another Birthday Yay....hooray says the birthday Rebecca..

ANOTHER triumph... Lemon tart by Ros...awaiting the recipe.

So much delicious joice..

Going home... Gotta catch that train....

I usually carry a bunch of rhubarb's what I do.

Photography.. Pauline, Heather, Marijka
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PS..Check out Christine's delicious Broad Bean recipe in the side panel.....We all enjoyed it..Broad Beans also grown by Christine..

Friday, October 29, 2010


Baby magpie in one of our gum trees in the reveg areas..

Look closely there is a small head sticking out of the greenery.

Photos marijka
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This working Bee we had Maureen, Chris's mum and Matt, our local friend of the garden, they had worked hard alongside gardeners furiously trying to control the weeds which with this winter's rain have become the best ever...

Matt, who has been volunteering at some of our working bees, works and studies at Monash University and runs an exciting project to map Australia's ancient past in the style of Google Earth.

Check out Matt's website online here:

Christine's and Alistair magnificent garlic..

Chris's Broad Bean flowers.

Chris's pea flowers.

Heather, our new member and Pauline. I'm not sure but it looks like one of the moves for the "Before the New Moon " dance...

Liz and Rebecca and Chris looking on, setting up the table. The piece de resistance was Rebecca's fennel and orange salad..

Ohotos marijka
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Not sure what is happening here.. but Chris has his wallet open and I think I heard something about a Community Garden I LOVE T shirt.. or was he buying some green stuff of Ros... you know Mizuna something our Chris has a definite hankering for.

Just some pics from the day . You work out the story..but it's all about a raised bed or two..cutting timber with the help of Peter's generator, the girls clearing the area and a helping hand or two in Old Chris's plot.

And of course another one of our gardeners has become a Senior Citizen. She kept on chirping about it... and the fact that she is going to start traveling on trams on Sunday.. it's for free...but we wished her a Happy Birthday with Cupcakes made by Rebecca with gorgeous crystallized violets, and an orange cake made by Victoria market and some GREEN nettle soup made by Christine.. Recipe for the soup is on the side of the Blog..We all recommend it..


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 Photos marijka
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