Friday, March 16, 2012


        Unbelievably late. Five months to be precise. Click on the photos. See a slide show.

                                           Heather amongst the flowering Chinese mustard.

                                                                    Tanya and Ian.
                                                         Freddie keeping close to Ian.
                                           Ian.  Sitting down on the job, but looking happy.
              Carmen and Kate in the front pond, wondering when will it end?  all this weeding..?

 Henry Ford had nothing on this system.  All in a row working on the NCG sign...

                                                                     Nearly finished.

                                                                 Christine and Heather
                                                                 Blaise and Rebecca

                                                     Down by the bottom pond.
                                                    Carmen wondering where to start.

Alistair searching for that elusive something. Must be somewhere in the deep. Chris philosphically looking on.

                                                    Down by the bottom pond.

                                                    Scrolled fence wire sculpture.

                                                           Comfrey flowering.                                  
                                                                      In the pink. Hollyhock.

                                                       And another unbelievable tea party.

And another birthday..I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll gently blow your house down..  It is a fairy story isn't ?

                                                            What a laugh. Fantastic.
                                                                     and a giggle..
                                                            Yoohoo anybody for tea?
                                                                  Well Done.

                                      Bees, bees, bees, bees, and more bees.  Fantastic.

                         Elizabeth tells us that's her behind that beautiful ENORMOUS cabbage.

                                                             Definitely to be shared.
                             Not sure what's happening behind there, but I'm going home.

Photography    Alistair..(Hello down there in Tasmania).
Published by Marijka