Friday, June 21, 2013

June- Bee Hive Construction and Pussy Willow Destruction...

Mid Winter here in Melbourne and lots happened last Sunday- it was quite a "hive" of activity.(Sorry- but I couldn't resist that one!)
Marijka marshalled the troops and set Vince and Josh on to the construction of our Top-Bar bee hive with a little personalised NCG symbol burnt onto the side. It all came together well thanks to Marijka's research and direction, and while the sawing and nailing was happening Pia, Marijka and I melted some beeswax and linseed oil (thank-you Pia) to rub into the finished hive. (Although some people did have trouble waiting until the hive was actually built before waxing it...not mentioning any names).

Meanwhile, Alistair, Ian and Chris were chain-sawing down the Pussy Willow tree by the pond in preparation for our new orchard and berry grove. It's always a bit traumatic to cut down a tree when you're a lover of trees, but this one really did need to go in order to make way for new, more productive trees.
It was done with great flair and efficiency I must say, and it was quite a show to watch it being pulled down- we are such a multi-talented bunch aren't we?