Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beautiful video on our local food growers

I spotted this today while browsing the Moreland Food Gardens network site.
It's worth watching if you have 10 minutes. Beautifully shot and put together and so inspiring!
Just down the road from us all!

Posted by Rebecca.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

NCGardens Tote bags now available at Red Bubble!

You can now choose your favourite photos (or upload new ones) to put on tote bags on our Red Bubble site! Still working on transferring the tshirt designs to totes, the files aren't big enough yet.
Let us know if you have a particular image you'd like to upload!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


This event was sponsored by Darebin Council's Community Grant.

Our day dawned, a beautiful rainy day..and it kept raining till we were actually planting. Thanks to Alistair using his 'scary' hole digging machine, prior to the day, we had 50 or so holes, so the initial planting went very smoothly and quickly. We still had loads more plants and as enthusuiasm was high, small mattocks came to the fore and a lot of digging was done, more plants nestled into potting mix and watered and mulched.

Afternoon tea was served and the displays, of photos of the last 15 years or so, looked at.

We had roughly 30 people participating, 5 children, 2 doggies.

Photo Display of Indigenous Plants, Books, Publications on Indigenous Plants and Weeds, 15 years of photos of Northcote Community Gardens Members and events, working bees etc.

These videos only display well in a small version.

Alistair deep in conversation with Darebin Council worker Russell.
The rain didn't deter anyone.

Ros having a good time.
Steve and Luke.
Rebecca 'The Younger', Jill and Councillor Bo Li.
Mollie and Gaby ready for more mulch delivery.
Planting on the hill.
Water Carrier Rebecca in action..
Hooded Angie who already had been at the planting at Edgars Creek in the morning.. 

Lily, neighbour from across the road and Chris.
Maureen Chris's hard working mum.
Curly tops, aka Rebecca the Younger.

Afternoon Tea Party.

It's all in the gestures, Alistair and Jill.
Marietta and Larysa deep in conversation..

Elizabeth going home with Georgina.
The return of the prodigal..gal. Pauline.

 Storybook picture.  Kye and Chester, deep in communication.
The beautiful persimmon tree.

It's all over, time for a a cup of tea, a Lebanese custard slice and a chin wag. Star Wars the first movie, Harry Potter and 'who I will be when I grow up' comes to  mind.
Kye, Marijka and Mali.
Photo curtesy of Nanny Bint..

Photography Marijka.
Published by Marijka