Monday, November 26, 2007

Meeting and welcome.

Firstly, welcome to our new members Kate and Benedict! Kate and Benedict have helped out at working bees in the past and are now fully fledged, plot holding members of the gardens.

Yesterday (Sunday 25th) was the day we had all agreed on to be our next meeting to re-elect office bearers and discuss the rules and guidlines to be submitted to the Consumer Affairs Dept.
Unfortunately there were not enough members present to hold the election.

Those present (Ros, Marijka, Jane, Chris, Rebecca and Vince) were able to have a productive discussion about the new rules and guidelines thanks to the amazing amount of work Marijka and her partner Steve have put into researching, writing and typing up the submission. Thank-you so much for all that time and effort Marijka and Steve, it's not a fun job!

Ros (looking stunning in her new "I love Community gardens" tshirt) has contacted Mitre 10 and Bunnings in an attempt to get them to help out with a water tank (or 2) and has had an offer of discounts from Mitre 10, but is still waiting to hear from Bunnings. Also Marijka has some info. on grants being offered early next year and anyone interested in helping organise our submissions for these will get together on Sunday 3rd February.

Our Christmas "Do" has been organised for 12.30 Sunday 9th would be great to see you all there and please bring a plate.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Welcome to our new gardeners..Mushroom compost

There was great excitement at the station er no read that at the Gardens... Yes Chris (the new one used to be known as the young one.. How long will this go on?) spent Sunday fighting the tangle of roots on his plot... murmuring "it's not too bad" as the mound kept mounding and mounding...It will be a true test of character if he is seen in the vicinity next Sunday ..Then there was more excitement as Fiona, Mark, Charlie and Tom and a four legged friend came into the garden claiming a piece of land for themselves...Yes friends there was movement at the station er not again read this as movement in the Gardens...Rebecca had flown in and left the application forms for them which were immediately filled out...and fees paid.
So as Roz has commented there are only two plots left...or only one and a half...on ya Roz.
Ceres has spent mushroom compost for $2.00 a block. Thanks to Ben for the info and to Rebecca and Roz for valiantly persisting in getting some. Even our Roz who has biceps of steel wasn't able to lift one by herself..great value, the mushroom compost that is...:-)

Vacant plots

Well, we now have one less vacant plot thanks to Chris- he has made the leap from Non-Plot Holding member to Plot Holder, and as the only original member from the founding of the Gardens we are delighted he has done it! Well done Chris.
Now, one down and only 3 to go...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Meeting reminder and Agenda

Our next meeting to re-elect officials is on Sunday 25th November at 1.30 pm, and it'd be great to see all our members attend, both plot holders and non-plot holders.
Jane has already suggested a few items for the agenda, including:

the water tank issue,
general communication issues of day to day business,
and managing gate keys to the garden.

Addition to the agenda
watering roster,
Working Bee times during Summer
Presentation of the Rules for the garden..

So please add your ideas to the blackboard at the garden, or leave a comment on this post, or both. (Remember, you can leave a comment as "anonymous" and you don't need to have an account, but just sign your name at the end of the comment so we can identify you.)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Day at the Races...sorry the hats confused me...

I couldn't resist the similarity.. The caption on this ancient Greek art work read.."A woman perfuming clothes".

A lovely time was had by Rebecca, Chris and Marijka..a tad too hot weather wise. Rebecca pummelled her plot into shape and planted butternut pumpkins and tomatoes.. Chris was seen diving feet first into the pond trying to rescue a water lily by clearing away some of the Water Milfoil (Myriophyllum crispatum) when lo and behold he uncovered another one as well as a bud..

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November 4th 2007.Working bee in the Glorious Rain.

Kim demonstrating the art of sawing..
Biggles and Chris demonstrating the art of.......

Louise, Ruby, Kim, Joshua, Roz and Marijka braved the wet, glorious wet, and sorted out the accumulated rubbish behind the shed..ready for a skip. We are sorry to loose Louise as a plotholder but she is staying on as an associate member.. Yay...
Also Malcolm has let go of his plot but is staying on as an associate member.. Yay...
Diana has also let go of her plot and we are hoping to twist her arm to stay on as an associate member..
Roz is patiently going through the waiting list...
The T-shirts on Redbubble are selling like hotcakes...

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