Monday, November 19, 2007

Welcome to our new gardeners..Mushroom compost

There was great excitement at the station er no read that at the Gardens... Yes Chris (the new one used to be known as the young one.. How long will this go on?) spent Sunday fighting the tangle of roots on his plot... murmuring "it's not too bad" as the mound kept mounding and mounding...It will be a true test of character if he is seen in the vicinity next Sunday ..Then there was more excitement as Fiona, Mark, Charlie and Tom and a four legged friend came into the garden claiming a piece of land for themselves...Yes friends there was movement at the station er not again read this as movement in the Gardens...Rebecca had flown in and left the application forms for them which were immediately filled out...and fees paid.
So as Roz has commented there are only two plots left...or only one and a half...on ya Roz.
Ceres has spent mushroom compost for $2.00 a block. Thanks to Ben for the info and to Rebecca and Roz for valiantly persisting in getting some. Even our Roz who has biceps of steel wasn't able to lift one by herself..great value, the mushroom compost that is...:-)

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binty said...

Anything ordered on red bubble by 30th nov gets free postage. Ros