Thursday, December 9, 2010



 The cake made by Charlie....and enjoyed by everybody else..
Ros, Edain and Shelley looking at a photo album of Chris's stay at the gardens.

Peter, Heather and Rebecca.

Ros having a giggle and Rebecca and Heather sitting on our newly constructed raised bed.. Still looking for someone to take possession of it.
Charlie with the beautiful hat, Marc, Ros and Edain..
Ros and heather taking a photo opportunity and breather.

Gardeners working on dismantling Chris's plot.and Ros's Pineapple thingy peeking in....

Sophia Loren er no Edain with beetroot with purple coloured leaves..

Chris's giraffe now happily browsing among Heather's spring onions..

Chris's Toucan now to be looked after by Rebecca.
Path leading to Northcote Community Gardens with the grasses not seen like this for a number of years now... The rains have come....

Heather and Jess a picture in themselves..

Ros and Heather
Chrysocephalum apiculatum

Photography by marijka.
Posted by marijka.

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binty said...

Great photos and that cake was beautiful. I didnt do much work as it was so hot but great job done by everyone else who braved the heat. Ros