Monday, August 13, 2007

Indigenous planting

Here's some photos of Vince's new plantings in his plot, Marijka shovelling some mulch around the new indigenous plants and Ros and Jedi admiring her beautiful crop of broccoli.

Yesterday we managed to put about 10 indigenous plants in outside the gardens along the path, near the rosemary bush. They included goundcovers such as Einadia nutens and Chrysopcephalum apicalatum (a daisy type flower). Small plants like the native blue-bell (Wahlenbergia), dianella and hardenbergia (mentioned in an earlier post) and Knobby club rush (Isolepis nodosa) in the sunken area where the big round mosaic was, because they don't mind being immersed partly in water. Also Correa glabra which has a sweet little bell shaped flower. All these plants are indigenous to our local area, and cross fingers they'll thrive and spread.

We also moved the tub from behind the shed to beside the herb garden with plans to fill it with soil and plant communal veges in there in Spring, perhaps pumpkins or something similar. Also, Vince repaired the gate at the bottom pond.

Our mulch pile is getting noticably smaller, perhaps due to others helping themselves, so we hoped that we could all do a wheelbarrow or two when we visit just to help use it up before it's all gone again.
How lovely is that rain??


marijkaok said...

Rebecca you are beautifully suited to blogging. Wonderful.

binty said...

Jedi got home and crashed he was a bit over the top running around yesterday but he takes a nice photo doesnt he.Nice job by the way Reb you do have this blog thing worked out. Ros