Monday, October 1, 2007

Fund raising and meeting

Louise, Ruby, Marijka, Ros, Chris and Rebecca met on Sunday at the gardens and had a further discussion about the rules etc. We're slowly getting there and should be able to finish it up soon.
All input is welcome from all those who are passionate about this issue.
There will be a mail-out of membership forms this month, and we will all need to fill them out and send them back to Jane (our temporary Treasurer),as well as this years membership fees. Details will be included in the mail out.
Louise also mentioned she's interested in having a go at some fundraising via a t.v. games show- could be interesting! And there are plans afoot to make some fund raising NCG Christmas cards available via the Red Bubble site, in place of the calendar this year.

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binty said...

Unfortunately I heard on the radio the other day that the t.v. game show mentioned is going to be axed.