Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Water Tanks

The first draft of the two roofs in the garden... done by Chris the Younger.
He has also made extensive notes on "Positioning of Water Tank (s)" under the headings of "Things to Consider" including absolutely stunning pieces of info:
"Note: Average yearly rainfall to 2000 about 630 mm per yr.
2004 - 602 mm
2005 - 589 mm
2007 - 310 mm

All of Chris's calculations and notes can be seen and discussed at the working bee.

Hopefully we will have a fabulous number of people at the next working bee this coming Sunday. March 2nd at 1.30pm where we can continue to discuss the Water tanks and what needs to be done.
We have already fulfilled some of the criteria that Community Water Grants consider important if they are to grant money for a water project.

1. Roz has approached Bunnings and Miter 10 for assistance with success.
2. Rebecca has sold $100 worth of Tshirt on the NcgRedBubble site. Money going towards the Water Tank project.
3. I have spoken to Darebin Council and they are more than happy to give us a letter of recommendation.

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Anonymous said...

Chris's colouring hasn't improved much...

Mrs Gordon Art Teacher Grade 3
Ringwood East Primary