Monday, December 1, 2008

Red Bubble orders for Christmas

Red Bubble has just listed order deadlines for anyone wanting to order stuff for Christmas, here they are:
Calendars, Cards, Stretched Canvas, Posters and all Prints (Framed, Laminated, Mounted, Matted and Laminated) Dec. 14
T-shirts: Dec. 7
So get ordering!

We had a lovely Christmas party on Sunday, with a fabulous array of food- (Who made that berry pastry thing? It was amazing!!) and a great turn out, so thank-you all for turning up with plates in hand.
I forgot to take my camera but Marijka may have a few snaps to share.

And here they are... Some beauties on the day of the feasting..

Onion flower thriving in Edain's and Justin's patch..

Hollyhock down by the pond. An infiltrator..

Water iris down by the pond. Best season yet.

Dianella down by the pond. A fabulous show this year..

(And the berry pastry thingy was another of Jane's gourmet baking).

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