Monday, January 5, 2009

Bees and Best Garden Winners

The award for the Super Best Garden of January 2009 (which I just invented 2 seconds ago) has to go to Justin and Edain whose plot is just bursting to overflowing with lush vege goodness...I mean, seriously, you need a pith helmet and a machete to get through that!
Jane's plot is also the envy of us all and runs a very close second, so green stars to you all!
We also had an impressive turn out at the working bee on Sunday considering the time of year and how hot it was. We managed to get some mulch spread about around the re-vegetation area, and weed under the fig trees, as well as sit down and have a natter, so it was a good day.

On the bee front, Ros has been doing some investigating and plans to send out an email about it, and has also suggested a link here to the Department of Sustainabilty where you can enter Apiary Code of Practice in their search box for those who are interested.
We may have bees in the gardens soon, but need to make sure it's all safe and proper first.
Next Working Bee is probably Sunday 1st February, so see you then for some planning and plotting for 2009.

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