Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Working Bee October 2009

The Sun came out and drew us into its bosom..Good food, actually scrumptious food, a memorable dip from Roz and a memorable cake from Christine, crusty bread and more dips from Rebecca, choc biscuits from Peter.....Good company, good conversation. What else does one need on a Sunny Spring Afternoon...Work??? well actually we did come to a definite resolution regarding the Big Pond (nothing to do with Telstra) and Chris and Peter were later seen scribbling plans on the blackboard..and there was talk of sleepers, decking etc...frogs, fish, vanilla pods, saffron, biodynamic brown rice....and Christine is going to make a compost 'tea' from nettle for her garden while Rebecca was going home to brew nettle tea/soup...and Marijka is ecstatic to keep on growing it...despite strange looks and comments :-) from some unbeleivers.

                                                                                   Photos marijka

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