Tuesday, April 10, 2012


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                                               Chrysocephalum apiculatum on our verge.
                             'There was movement at the Station' an early bird Dianne.

                                                          And another fabulous spread.

            Ian opening his famous, fabulous,  preserves.  Elizabeth, Kate, Carmen, Christine.


                                                            Contemplating the feast.

                                              Elizabeth getting into the festive mood.

                           The barbecue sizzling. We had Carmen to thank for organising it.

                                                         Nearly ready.

                          Done. Vegeterian option. Deconstructed tofu, tempeh shaslicks.               

                                                 Traditional meat barbecue. Done.

                                                 In the Jungle after the feast.
                                                    'Truly it was that big'.

                                                             Old timers.

                Christine happy to have found more produce.  Banana? and yellow zucchini.

                                                  Rebecca happy in the sunshine.

                                                     Zucchini squash peeping through.

                                      Did we ever find out the name of these flowers grown by Heather?

                                               Heather. A fabulous photo by Alistair.

                                              Buckwheat grown by Heather.

                                                          Cabbage head.
                                              Grown by Pauline, Elizabeth?
                                                            Hat by Chris.

Photos:  Marijka, Alistair.
Posted:  Marijka

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