Sunday, July 29, 2012

Alistair strikes again!

He's back- he's most definitely back! Alistiar has begun a new mini-orchard project at the front of the gardens, and as you can see it has necessitated removing the loquat and rosemary (and a few natives) to make space. (Also necessitated a few stern words from Marijka about the natives- woops.)
In his usual energetic style he has weeded, fertilised, mulched and planted some green manure crops in the area as well. So watch this space- literally! (Sigh- Makes me exhausted just typing all this..) Christine and Diane had been to a sausage making workshop this morning so they decided to take their magnificent creations to the gardens and build a fire "in the gypsy way" (to quote Diane) to cook them, and sip some wine while enjoying the fine view Alistair has now created.
Biggles posed beautifully while more natives were being planted behind her, and our lovely native clematis and hardenbergias are in full flower right now. Spring must be on its way! Check out the blackboard for a new list of seeds to plant now.

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