Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2012 AGM- a hive of activity (literally)

The bees were busy and so were we on Sunday with a good turn-out for our Annual General Meeting. Elizabeth took the minutes (very professionally too) and Heather provided us with popcorn to sustain us throughout the meeting. At the end of the meeting it was lovely to be able to give Ros and Marijka their Diggers' vouchers in appreciation for everything they both do- they are the heart and soul of our gardens.
After all the talking was done and we had sustained ourselves a little more with a typical NCG feast, everyone busied themselves with various activities. Ros taught Christine and Dianne how to make felt balls in a plastic container then they grouted the sign, Vince and Alistair disappeared for a while then reappeared with some serious wooden planks in preparation for the new orchard fence, and Pauline harvested a bumper crop of carrots (only slightly chewed on by the rats). Our bathtub of potatoes is looking super too- here's a before and after shot.
(Posted by Rebecca)

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