Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October Working Bee and Poppodums

Well, we had a rather small turn out for the Working Bee on Sunday as you can see, but a very cheery one! Unfortunately the Indian feast turned out to be an Indian snack (thank goodness for Georgina's poppadums!) but we did manage to get some weeding and mulching done around the orchard, and Chris and Biggles worked diligently on the outside of the fence and mulching the new plantings.
It was lovely to have Heather back too, after several months adventuring overseas.
Georgina and I were able to do our official handover, so your new Treasurer is now fully in charge of our finances. (Phew, I hear you say.)

While we were gorging ourselves on all those poppadoms, Ian took the opportunity to give us a Garden Safety workshop as the beginning of a series of workshops we'll be having over the next 12 months in association with our garden extension plans and grant. There are some safety leaflets pinned to the notice board in the shed for all those who missed it, and here is a link to garden safety on the Vic Govt Better Heath site as well.

It was a beautiful sunny day and everything is bursting with life, so a great time to be in the gardens!
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