Sunday, July 26, 2015

Graffiti sadness and recovery

We've had some graffiti and vandalism at the gardens lately that has made us all feel a bit sad and angry, so today we had a positive session of cleaning up and repainting. Of course there's a good chance that it'll all be tagged again by tomorrow but here are some images of what we did today in case they come back and destroy it all again tonight. We will keep painting over what they do and see who runs out of paint first. (Any sightings of these guys should be reported to the Northcote Police.)

Hope you like the new lilac table which is in the shed for safe-keeping....also I invented our own pretty daggy tag for NCG on the back of the door- take that!
Also some photos of Ian and Anthony's amazing cauliflowers, broccolis and kohl rabi- growing things is what we all here for after all!

Posted by Rebecca.

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