Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May Meeting

Another of Vince's clever devices- this is to train the broadbeans on...
Christine's Sapphire potatoes-

Chris's Brussel Sprouts!

We had a great turn-out for our meeting on Sunday, and managed to cover a fair bit of ground. Thanks to Christine and Alistair we now have a GM free zone sign on our fence, and are proudly supporting the movement to pressure Darebin Council to declare a GM free zone too.
We need everyone to search for new grants to get our water-tanks, as the one we'd planned to apply for has been cancelled.
Next Sunday 1st June is a working bee dedicated to planting out some more indigenous plants purchased with the grant from Darebin Council that Marijka got for us, so hopefully we'll have just as good a turn out for that!

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binty said...

Love that GM Free sign what a good idea. Nice photos Rebecca,looks like Sunday will be a nice day for the planting. Ros