Monday, June 2, 2008

Planting Day

Our wonderful new GM free zone sign and flowering native blue-bells.
We had a wonderful day yesterday and were amazed at how much we can accomplish when people turn up! Everyone deserves a pat on the back, but especially Marijka and Ros who organised it all beautifully.

We have planted out a large area beside the seat and along the railway line with a range of local indigenous plants, so now let's all cross our fingers for rain. Marijka and Chris have a plan to gradually produce a map of the area so that eventually we will be able to walk around the gardens and identify all the various plants.
It feels great to be part of a community effort like this, and hopefully we will all reap the benefits of it in years to come.


binty said...

That was a really great afternoon,nice to see lots of people with plenty of enthusiasm ,this is what community gardening is all about.Glad to see you got a shot of Marijka Reb even if it was only her back as she seems to escape most photos as shes always on the other side of the lens. Ros

Anonymous said...

Well done Rebecca, welcome to the NCG paparazzi.....Gardens look so mature now in pics, such a long way from the waste ground of a few years ago....
It was a beautiful day and soooo good to be part of the urban farming movement amongst friends.
Wasn't sure if I heard the coo cooing of the spotted spoonbill in that pond at one point but that could have been Ros's "fairy" cakes taking effect........
Looking forward to the next planting day when I'll be baking my brussel sprout surprise.


Russell from Brussels

marijka said...

Yes but dear roz I think my back maybe worse than my front..:-)
Great shots rebecca. love this blog.

grant said...

thanks for the invitation to help with the planting and thanks to everyone for the warm welcome! and cakes! we had a lovely day! see you all again soon. ursula and grant