Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WORKING BEE 7th March 2010


Well one garden member did bring his wellies. On ya Chris.

All three of us managed to accomplish a huge amount.. The weather was pleasant, the birds and butterflies were winging about, we tried to call out to Freddy that we were not going to destroy his home altogether.. We hoped he heard us..We weeded and weeded huge clumps of Cumbangi bulrushes, as these would take over the whole pond if allowed to continue. Also a large area of the indigenous waterplants which would also take over the whole pond if allowed to continue to grow..

We also discussed and discussed and Roz and myself, some of the time, politely listened to Chris explaining to us his ideas about strengthening the back wall of the pond..

Roz and myself of course had our own ideas hmmm... and Roz was fairly convinced by the end that it is possible to do.. To which end she valiantly hammered in two stakes and watered in the clay.. This is one idea we hope will work to stabalize the wall.. which has fallen in, we reckon due to the drought drying out the clay and the consequence of this has been that it has crumbled..in.

Chris and Marijka.

The crumbled clay wall after being staked and watered in.

Photos marijka, ros.
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Yay the 3 Amigos!
Good on you for some juicey blog articles too Marijka!