Monday, April 12, 2010

Working bee 11th April


WEll forgot to take photos...but nevermind a lot of work was done... Rebecca worked on pruning trees, Roz weeded the strawberry area and had the mulch brigade topping up mulch for her, Chris kept Liz entertained while she weeded, Justin powered the mulch brigade and I heard one of the gardeners say,"It's good having Justin around". and then Edain brought our latest member Eddie all beautifully dressed in a jumpsuit. The weather was kind.. and a decision was made regarding our latest venture powered by Roz two raised garden beds. We have enough timber in the Gardens to actually make them without having to seek a grant for them.. HOORAY we all heard Roz say... It was nice to have Vince back on the job as well..Pauline and myself kept the fish entertained with our witticisms as we weeded around the pond.....

But due to form have to have a photo..
It's coming up Seed Saving time Workshop again and I'm hunting up stuff.. this is a photo from an American website..and what are they doing... tasting CUCUMBERS...don't you just love it...


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