Sunday, July 10, 2011


                                                          Rebecca's Salad Bar.

Having somehow forgotten to take photos of people working at the WORKING BEE here is a photojournalistic story of what we do at the garden  when we aren't working...Some may argue this is all we long as our afternoons are spent in enjoyment and an occasional piece of lettuce or silverbeet is harvested we do well.

BUT trees were pruned, the ornamental grape was pruned, weeds were weeded and the area around the water tank magnificently improved, and silently with no fanfare people sat and kept on mosaicing the new NCG sign.  AND most importantly another pumpkin soup was cooked again.. eaten along with all the other delicious morsels provided by the gardeners. A bread baked by Diane comes to mind.

And then Alistair decided he couldn't live any longer without a fire (it being the heart of winter in Melbourne).  So we had a fire and then of course the fire needs somthing to be cooked on it..  sausages..

 Ros ladling out the soup.
Eating pumpkin soup.

Ros and Rebecca checking out the newest varieties of tomatoes for summer.
Marijka's pumpkins and Small Leafed Clematis.
Clematis microphylla.

Our lemon tree thanks to, Ros and Chris, who lovingly and painstakingly kept on talking to it, discussing about it and feeding it, has now after many years of trying, produced succulent lemons.  Thanks Ros and Chris.
Serious discussion at the bottom of the garden.

Shelley in her perfct red hat.

Elizabeth and Christine sharing a joke.

Elizabeth enjoying herself.
Well I think this big... Diane

Ian about to play the  guitar.and sing.
Alistair  in a serious mood after having accomplished a fire at the garden..feeling very pleased with himself.

The fire.
The sausage sizzle.
Ready for the sausages in the smoke  haze.
A man in a tall hat eating his sausage.

And the Happy Wanderer doing its thing.
Hardenbergia violacea.

Photos, marijka
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