Thursday, August 18, 2011


Having a good time..

Not another photo...

Well well well this is my beauty..what a broccolli..

Serious work, the best in the garden,,, composting.

The finished product, such a beautiful look, that the photographer was forced to come back and take a photo..
Canadian Cleopatra, surveying the reeds on the bank of the actually, our top or bottom pond, as it is called, from whatever vantage point you are standing. She managed to whip the weeds into shape pronto.

Rested and refreshed, back from Bali and I'm ready to do some work.

I've sorted myself out and am now into a nodig garden. It may look like I'm working, it's all an illusion.
What a picture.

Many hands make light work. Alistair and Kye planting the apple tree.
Holding the apple tree.

Watering in the tree.
The support team, while Alistair and Kye dug a hole for the apple tree.

Working very very hard.. digging the hole for the apple tree.

I'm the king of the castle.. so, so happy....a job well done...

The next day, I made my granny Ros take me back to the garden, so I could talk to the apple tree, just like 'that man' told me too.

Cabbage, Christine and Alistair's plot.
Ros's plot. Carrots, garlic all in picture book rows.
Dianne's raised bed flourishing.

Cabbage, Jesse's plot.
My apologies. Some of the photos, in the tree planting are out of sequence. Unfortunately Blogger is a b.....r to work with.

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