Sunday, September 11, 2011

Darebin Council Plans

Marijka, Ros and I (Rebecca) met with Liz from the Darebin Council Playsafe program last week and she gave us some plans to look at (now pinned up on the back of the shed door) and plenty of useful information. This photo shows the Council's plans to upgrade the public area below our gardens as part of the "Playsafe" program and it appears that it will hardly affect our gardens at all. The Council actually refers to the public area as the "Northcote Community Gardens Reserve" -which is nice, and apparently they will put a sign up saying that eventually. Basically the basketball hoop and area will be upgraded, a new fence put in along the road up to where it currently stops and the path will be refreshed with new gravel up to the same point. The council is allotting $500 for indigenous plants and mulch for the area behind the basketball hoop and are happy for us to determine what to do with that. All of this should be going ahead within the next 2 months.
So all in all the scary sign that just appeared one day has turned out to be a good thing!

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