Monday, September 12, 2011

Working Bee September 4th

The working bee was a fabulous hive of activity. People working at all corners of the garden..  from a quickie workshop from the compost queen to the stacking of the worm bins, composting, planting, weeding and  eating of course.  Salads to die for, pickled cherries to hmm, hmm, muffins to ask recipes for and Dianne's home baked bread.  Check out Jessica's muffins on the recipe page.

Rebecca's creations. 
Unfortunately the camera is not always accurate, the icing was also definitely mauve.


 Rebecca and friend mosaicing the new sign..

Alistair doing what he likes best.  Planting. This time it's a passion fruit.

Jessica and Christine, compost buddies.

Compost aerator being manufactured on site. Christine, Alistair moral support.

I've been working up north in the warmer climes and low and behold I have sprouted four arms.


Heather framed.

Chris and Biggles or is it Biggles and Chris.


  Pixie and gnome on a rock. Ostensibly weeding..plenty of chatter and

Ian and parsnips.  This will go down in garden folklore.. first ever grown.
                                                      Ian, parsnips and admirers.

Afternoon Tea.

Men's Business.

On the way and the moon.
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