Sunday, October 16, 2011


We now have bees in our garden thanks to Alistair and Christine and the lovely Vanessa and Matt from Melbourne City Rooftop Honey .
Here's a link to Vanessa's personal blog and a post about us!
Here's an extract from Vanessa's post that resonated with me;
"After meeting the guys at Northcote, it really drove home to me how important it is to connect with others and feel part of something, even just for an individuals own mental health.  Doing all you can by yourself is all very well but think what you could achieve if you felt that sense of connectedness with others.  Anything is possible!"
Thanks Vanessa and Matt- we love our bees!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing a story on the bees, and your kind words from my blog. We look forward to spending time with you all at the gardens, enjoying hands in the dirt and the sweet buzz of our friends pollinating around us.

Anonymous said...

great posting Rebecca.


Vanessa said...

Now they have their own big house! changed over yesterday