Tuesday, December 20, 2011

October 9th 2011

John Pinniger teaching us how to graft fruit trees.  John is part of Heritage Fruit Trees in Melbourne. John kindly agreed to do a workshop. It looks very simple until everybody had a go but after much perseverance, laughter and extra patient help from John everybody did succeed.

Ros doing her best.

Rebecca a study in determioned intention.

Alistiar getting a helping hand.. 

Ros giving it a go.

Grafting tools.

A finished product.  

Alistair preparing space for an apple tree and a bee hive by removing a dead tree.

Nearly done..

 Christine blending into the background, and holding edible flowers.

Purple broccoli.

Japanese turnips.

The finished SIGN. The first part. Congratulations to Rebecca for the design and all who helped in executing it.

and how beautiful is that....

Photography marijka
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