Thursday, January 5, 2012

Community Garden Tour "ON YA BIKE' 10th December 2011.

On the 4th November 2011 we received this in an email  from Cultivating Community.

"As part of a community composting (Compost Mates) program we’re running, there’s a small group of us who are organising a bike tour of some local community gardens in the Yarra/Darebin area and we’d love to include your garden on this tour.
The aim of the tour is to network, learn through observing and interacting with other gardens and compost systems and celebrate growing food (and soil) in the city."

And thanks to Hannah Maloney (the organiser of said Bike Tour), Rosi Bint from our Gardens, who as usual is always there when needed and Chris the Younger. This is the result..Our garden was the first the bicyclists came to. Four more were to follow with a babrbecue at the finish.

 As can be seen our Northcote Community Gardens did us proud. Everything is bursting at the 'vegetable' seams.

 Off to the next community garden..

Photography. Ros Bint. (great job)
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Anonymous said...

Nice job Marijka have just been going through all the posts since the beginning of the blog. Youve done a great job throughout, it makes nice reading and a great history of what has been happening. Lots of food featured. Ros