Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resources in our Library.

Some light Summer reading from our very own Tin 'cupbhoard' (genuine serendipitous typo) in our shed.

Since we now have our very own bee hive, thanks to Melbourne Rooftop Honey, this book is an absolute delight to read as it explains everything about the humble bee.  What an amazing little insect. Written by someone who as well as being a beekeper and a seller of bee products, obviously loves her bees. 

Some very interesting health products bees produce.  Hayfever sufferers may benefit from reading this book as may athritis sufferers as may all you healthy specimens.

Donated by Chris the Younger.  Many thanks. 

The photography is fabulous. Makes me envious.

If you haven't seen this publication in our tin cuphoard (i'm happy with this word) it is  a little bit late maybe for this summer season but just think you can become a tomato officionado by next summer.  There are already a couple in the garden.  So you can learn all about the good, the bad, the delicious and the ugly and how to deal with it all.

A worldwide database of 1300 'mouth-watering tomato varieties' is contained on a CD included as well.

Donated by Ros. Many thanks.

This is a hefty tome by the famous Monty Don. Well what can one say about it? It has everything you may need to know about growing vegetables, fruit trees, herbs, flowers and trees in the Northern Hemisphere but obviously extremely useful information for our Southern Hemisphere as well and luckily we don't need glasshouses to grow some things ie., chillies...

Again fabulous photography..

Donated by a local resident who came in one day to the Gardens with a couple of other books as well.
Many thanks.

You may borrow all the books in the Tin 'cuphoard' library.  There is a book in which you write your name, the name of the book, the date you borrowed the book and the date you returned the book.

 PS. Monty Don is at the moment gracing our ABC Iview with 'Monty Don's Italian Gardens' final episode.

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