Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Working Bee 2012

Note. Click on the first photo and you can see it much larger and a slide show as well..
How beautiful is this.. Ginger visiting from interstate, on top of the fig tree.

Dianne, Christine, Pauline working on the second half of the NCG mosaic sign. Rebecca making a salad.
Mixing the glue for the mosaics.

Heather, Ros,  Jess having discussions with weeds and planting out a couple of hopefuls.

 Ian battling with the three foot high kikyui grass
Ian with a fancy headgear.

 Chris and Pauline.
 Rebecca and Chris.

Rebecca's finished salad.

The three musketeers, Pauline, Elizabeth,Christine, stayed till every letter was finished.  Well done.

Moon calender donated by Dianne.

Cosmos planted by Christine.

Kai. One day I too will be able to use the whipper snipper. Just practicing now .

Garden mascot.  Biggles.

In the garden wilderness.  Christine, Dianne, Pauline.

The talking blackboard.

Photography. Alistair. (great job)
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Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos and great comments how good is that slideshow Ros

Joy Stevenson said...

Such a lovely post! Cheers guys!

Anonymous said...

Love the mosaic guys!

Your bees are growing, the ladies are doing well. Collecting stores for themselves and hopefully some for us too soon.


Vanessa & Mat
Rooftop Honey