Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Orchard, Sign, New plot and Christmas...already!!!

The herb garden has now become Liz's plot, and last week Chris and I decided to use all the lovely rocks Alistair is excavating, to make a path between her plot and mine leading to the fabulous new orchard. (Under construction). We were doing o.k. with it, but then Ros came to help out and turned it into a masterpiece of stonework. Thanks Ros! The sign is looking very stately thanks to Alistair, Vince and Chris's efforts. For those of you concerned about it's legibility, an 8 year old on a scooter stood next to me while I took this photo and managed to spell it out without any help from me, so it's not too bad. And it is pretty.
We have our Christmas party this Sunday 1st December and the native clematis on the front fence is appropriately covered in fluffy white stars. It's been a good year at the NCG and we all deserve to celebrate!
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