Saturday, January 26, 2013

The day it happened Rebecca's drawing class.

The old northcote community gardens shed (beloved) felt something it had never felt before. Peace and quiet settled inside  as Chris the Younger and Pauline began drawing..under the watchful eye of Rebecca who with helpful explanations and gentle reassurances moved the situation along and an occasional 'mild'  "You can do it...Just do it..." from Marijka..

.... and as the sunflowers did their joyful, splendiferous thing on Rebecca's plot happened, drawing was done..upside down and unrecognisable.  But as he turned his drawing the right way round, Chris the Younger was open mouthed, no words came out ...There it was for all to see, a real drawing...See below...

In the meantime the rest of the gardeners did their usual thing,  weeding and chatting, both a favourite pastime..Alistair behind the fence talking to the weeds threatening them with extinction..and Jess of the famous red hair...of which very little to be seen... hardly recognisable, but still beautiful and oh! oh! that hat...
"Where did you get that hat? Where did you get that hat?" .

Christine: " Look I found one.." great excitement it's a black russian..tiny...
The beginning of the new sign...designed and being executed by  Rebecca More to look forward to.
Rebecca in a thoughtful mood... 

 Pauline and Chris discussing the miraclulous and ever fascinating Zucchini growing on her plot.

Christine's cosmos...blowing in the wind..

Photos: marijka
Published: marijka 

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