Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Working Bee

Ironically our new Working Bee starting time today of 11am saw all the people who voted for keeping the time as 1pm turn up, and only one of the ones who voted for 11am turn up!
We may need to take another vote?
We had a lovely sunny day after all the rain last night and set about workshopping the new extension- inspecting the lovely new raised bed boxes collected by Alistair, Christine and Liz, and dismantling part of the old fence near the tank to allow access from the old part into the new part.
Chris and Liz were the first over the threshold!

 And in true NCG style we also had a lovely food treat bought along by Dianne- homemade blackberry jam made from our own blackberries, and cream on pikelets. Delicious, thanks Dianne.
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