Thursday, April 23, 2015

Inside the hive

Here's a few not very good shots taken on my phone of the view through the window into our hive. Ben and I adjusted the hive a wee bit yesterday as it had a bit of a lean on it- it's very important that the hive stay level, so we chocked up one corner- it'd be good if we all kept an eye out for that.

They appear very busy and happy, the dark coloured comb is old brood comb and now that the babies have left the comb they will be starting to fill that up with nectar to make honey. When the comb is filled with honey it will appear to be capped with white. It's a bit difficult to see if the lovely new comb is capped but at least part of it is I think, which means more food for them to survive Winter, and means a head start on honey production in Spring (and maybe some for us to share too!).
We may need to open the hive on a warm sunny day to add some insulation and check on them, and we will need to grow plenty of borage, lavender, rosemary etc to help feed them over Winter.

Posted by Rebecca D.

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